The Theory of Writing

Writing is one of the most important parts of this world. It is everywhere. Without it, we would have lost a big part of communication. A part of communication that Is essential to keep society going. I have learned a lot about writing this past semester. In writing, there are many rhetorical terms: rhetorical situation, audience, author, tone, purpose, genre, medium, stance, and language. these are essential in writing because they bring the piece together and gives it a purpose. All writing pieces have a purpose. From convincing people something or even just providing information. In order to have a good convincing piece of writing, you should use rhetorical devices. These devices include logos, ethos, and pathos. These  devices provide logical explanations, professional opinions, and emotional swaying. Also, to improve writing pieces, One might use writing strategies such as brainstorming, peer review, and revision. This past semester all of these strategies have made me a better writer. I have used rhetorical terms to have a complete and formed writing piece, rhetorical devices to persuade more efficiently and writing strategies to improve my pieces of writing.

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